About me

Pluradise is a one-woman owned company. My name is Vanessa and I created the idea of Pluradise in 2020. During the pandemic I lost my only source of income, and had tons of time on my hands although very little hope. I realized I needed to take the steps to a career path that I really enjoyed. Business would be the path that I always knew I’d pursue, but I never knew where to start. I always thought starting my own business was so out of reach until I started actually doing my own research. I discovered a way that it would be possible so I decided I had nothing to lose. I decided ravewear  because it is something I’ve been extremely passionate about ever since I started raving 8 years ago. Seeing how far rave fashion has come has been inspiring and I am happy to be apart of such an evolutionary experience. I can say honestly raving had changed my life and my mind for the better. Rave fashion has empowered me to be confident and bold in my own skin and empower others as well. Although it has been a slow process, since I am teaching myself everything I can and and still have a full time job and exist in this economy, I am confident in my capacity to create something great and at the very least inspire others to live the lives they desire. I source ravewear that is unique and eye-catching, not boring nor ridiculously expensive. I also hand make some items and can do custom orders on body chains and accessories. If you’d like to follow my journey or possibly collaborate, follow my Instagram @pluradise_ and send a dm.🫶